Provide Food for Your Community

Apply to become a WIC vendor

The WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Nutrition Program helps to keep families fed. License Express can help grocers and marketplaces meet the qualifications to become a WIC vendor. We'll go over your application to be certain you've checked all the boxes.

In order to become a licensed WIC vendor, you need to:

  • Submit a vendor application
  • Meet all the proper criteria
  • Stock required WIC food and/or infant formula
  • Sell required food at competitive prices

Start helping as soon as possible. Send in your WIC vendor application right away.

Renew your WIC license

You'll need to renew your application every two years. We can help you keep track of when renewal is necessary. We can also help you apply to accept food stamps. As opposed to the WIC program, food stamp applications are available to everyone.

Learn more about the licensing process today.